Our sales team have many years experience in the plastics industry, they can be counted on to answer your plastic enquiries whatever they may be. We have an extensive range of plastics, outlined below, available in sheet, rod and tubing, which can be fabricated to your specification :

Polycarbonate – commonly used for machine guarding and glazing, many times stronger than glass

PETG – superb impact strength , no moisture absorption , excellent for forming and fabrication

Acrylic – available in large range of colours, used in display applications

PVC – versatile material in sheet and rod, good mechanical strength

Hygienic PVC Sheet – excellent food quality cladding

Foam PVC – used extensively in the sign industry and for cladding

Polypropylene – excellent resistance to steam and chemicals, very flexible, food quality

Polyethylene – UHMW wear strip, excellent slide properties, food quality

Nylon – superb wear and abrasion resistance, excellent for machining

PTFE – lowest co-efficient of friction and high temperature range, good chemical resistance

Acetal – excellent wear, electrical insulation properties

Peek – high performance engineering plastic, high temperature, excellent mechanical properties