Flexible Ducting

We supply a wide range of flexible ducting which is used in many industries including woodworking, food, paper, agriculture and engineering. To help you select the most suitable ducting we give below a brief outline of your options:

Polyurethane Ducting
Available in light to heavy duty, with steel or copper helix, Polyurethane is an excellent abrasive resistant material widely used in the woodworking industry. It is five times stronger than PVC.

PVC Ducting
Light to medium duty PVC ducting is an economic alternative to other materials, used mainly for air and fume extraction. There are numerous types of PVC ducting dependent on your specification.

Thermoplastic Ducting
Where a high quality ducting is required in more challenging environments eg. high temperatures, oil and chemical resistance, ageing and weathering.

High Temperature Ducting
When an application requires a higher temperature than those described above we can provide specialist ducting in silicone and neoprene coated glass fabric, these also have the benefits of being very flexible and light weight.