Wearwell Flooring


We are proud to be an official distributor for Wearwell. Wearwell, originally known as Tennessee Mat, was founded in 1950 by two entrepreneurs, Max and Charley, who saw an opportunity to convert old tyres into high quality industrial mats for the standing worker. Some might say Wearwell was a “Green” company 40 years before sustainability became popular in the United States.

As we continue to grow our product range has grown with us to include various related items that our customers have requested, most recently a high quality, highly durable, affordable matting solution. As a market leader in this sector Amarin’s new partnership with Wearwell allows us to offer the best product available at competitive prices.

We undertake joint visits to site with Wearwell to ensure that our customers get the product that is right for them. Please feel free to visit http://www.wearwell.com/uk/products for a full list of what is available through us.

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