Standard Rubber Sheeting

Amarin can provide you with numerous grades of rubber sheeting, used in many applications, seals, washers, gaskets, chute linings, sleeves, skirt rubbers and is much used in the food sector.

Commercial Rubber is a good general purpose rubber material where oil and heat resistance is not required. This rubber has good mechanical qualities and has a medium level of weather resistance. Commercial Rubber offers good levels of resilience and elastic qualities and is fair to good in its contact with acids and alkalis.

The main drawbacks to Commercial Rubber are its low level of resistance to oils, fats, fuels  and oxidising acids.

With a temperature range of -20° + 85°C and excellent physical properties Commercial rubber is the most frequently used rubber in everyday usages.

Shotblast Rubber is a natural rubber sheeting with high abrasive resistance, tensile and tear strength. It is highly flexible and is ideal for chute linings, scrapers and shotblast cabinets.

Nitrile Rubber is probably most widely known for its use in ‘O’ Rings due to its excellent resistance to petrol, oils, fats, greases and chemicals. Nitrile sheet rubber is often used in the manufacture of gaskets (see our Gasket Cutting Service page) due to its excellent resistance to hot oil, good mechanical properties and excellent levels of performance in contact with acids and alkalis, available in white and blue for the food industry.

Nitrile Rubber has only a moderate level of weather and heat resistance Nitrile’s temperature range is -20° + 100°C. Has excellent resistance to petroleum based fluids, oils, solvents and greases – but only average resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons.

Neoprene Rubber offers excellent resistance to heat and (with the addition of a special additive) flame retardancy. Neoprene has good mechanical properties and has a good level of resistance to seawater, acids, fats, greases and many solvents, and with excellent ozone resistance.

Neoprene has only a moderate performance level when in contact with chemicals and oils and does not perform well at extreme low temperatures.

Temperature range -20° + 80°C. Good strength and abrasion properties.