Specialist Rubber Sheeting

Amarin can provide you with numerous grades of rubber sheeting, used in many applications, seals, washers, gaskets, chute linings, sleeves, skirt rubbers and is much used in the food sector.

EPDM Rubber (Etyhlene Propylene Diene Monomer) is widely used for glazing and refrigeration applications because of its excellent weather and heat resistance properties. WRC Grade also performs very well in extremely low temperatures.

Standard EPDM’s temperature range is -20° + 100°C with excellent resistance to water and many chemicals. It is however not suitable for contact with petroleum liquids as EPDM is affected by oils and fats.

Silicone Rubber is an expensive material due to the amount of features and high levels of resistance it boasts. Whether it is extreme heat, extreme cold, weather resistance or electrical resistivity Silicone Rubber is among the best materials we offer. In addition to it’s impressive performance under these headings, Silicone also offers good levels of oil and fat resistance in some of its grades.

With a temperature range -80° + 250°C and excellent non-stick properties possibly the only negative aspect on the use of Silicone Rubber would be its poor mechanical properties.

Viton Rubber is the undisputed king of rubbers. Well known for its excellent (250°C) heat resistance. Viton offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals.

Whether your application is automotive, chemical processing or any number of other industrial applications it is Viton that  best meets your specific performance requirements.

Temperature range -30° + 250°C. Excellent resistance to most chemicals and industrial fluids, will retain strength and withstand embrittlement during long-term heat exposure.

Food Quality Rubber  is available in various grades including Natural, Nitrile and Neoprene, available in standard white, but also now in blue, which is favoured by many of the leading food manufacturers.

Temperature ranges on these products would vary according to which grade was used.